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42 % of Tea Partiers Agree with Conservative Christian Movement

PEW Research has mapped the Tea Party Movement in USA, finding that while it is better known to the overall adult population, more express opposition to its views when compared to March last year (2010).
Since last March, the percentage saying they disagree with the movement has grown 15 points while the percentage saying they agree with the Tea Party has remained mostly unchanged (24% March 2010, 22% April 2011.)

 When comes to Christian Right views inside the movement...

"...nearly half of Tea Party supporters (46%) had not heard of or did not have an opinion about "the conservative Christian movement sometimes known as the religious right"; 42% said they agree with the conservative Christian movement and roughly one-in-ten (11%) said they disagree."

It's mostly Democrats and politically independent who express concern with the Tea Party views, while Republicans are consistently more likely to agree than disagree. This may seem obvious, but it shows that the Tea Party (still) has opinion forming power and a solid platform inside the Republican sphere, largely based on convergence or overlapping with Christian Right interests.

The real revelation is, however, that in spite of the general concordance between the Christian Right and The Tea Party, and the fact that more Americans know about the Tea Party Agenda, and "staunch support" for the Tea Party Movement among White Christian Evangelicals, the general support for Tea Party Movement is significantly higher than for the Christian Right movement.


Even if more Americans are aware of The Tea Party and its influence on Capitol Hill, what American voters still don't seem to understand is the deep correlation between Tea Partiers and White Evangelicals on Religious and Social Issues, as much as on Government.

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