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The West Needs an Employment Reform

Redistribution of employment. It sounds socialist, but it is really a forced position for the Western economies, as Washington and Brussels peek into the unfathomable, a total economic collapse.

While the forces of NATO match up with the SCO over the US grand area strategy in response to the subtle power shift occuring in the world, as BRIC rises to eminence over the next 40 year cycle, it's time for Western governments to do some soul searching of their own, not just when comes to human and civil rights, but with regards to the entire structure of capitalist society.

Jobs are not coming back - and people can barely survive with them

According to the International Labor Organization, ILO, roughly 40 percent of the world's countires are in a state of civil upheaval, with the worst impact on the Western countries. Mass demonstrations and riots dominate the cityscapes to the point, where TIME pronounced "the protester" Person of the Year.

Lately, even Russia and China are experiencing mass protests.

As in the case of the Tunisian street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi whose self-immolation set first the MENA region ablaze with revolutionary fervor and in turn inspired European and American protesters for social justice, frustration over lack of jobs and the economic downturn has awakened a growing number of citizens to the current depression, dubbed a "jobless recovery" by the establishment press, a condition that may continue for the next two decades.
You can't win the war, if you lose the peace. If you win the peace, you may not have to fight the war.
At the heart of it is a political imperative, a mathematical necessity to reorganize society at a profound level. The 40 hour work week, once a dream and a struggle for the working classes, has become obsolete, but not in the way suggested by the financial advisors to the government, who - in the face of dropping real wages and a looming food crisis - can only think of cutting public spending.

The core of the issue is that 1 in 2, according to some analysts 2/3 of Americans, are suffering poverty, even while working, sometimes up to three jobs at the time. Additionally, 45 millions are on food stamps.

Taxation of the super-rich and the multi-national corporations, as suggested by the left, or increased tax cuts, more free trade agreements and shipping of jobs overseas to the cheap slave-like labor of developing nations, as it is suggested by the right, cannot change the dynamics of a situation.

In very simple terms one part of society work themselves to death to maintain an illusion of middle class standards, and too many become long term unemployed and marginalized from the employment market, technically producing no other value to society than as consumers of money transferred to them by the government to maintain social stability.

The transfer of public funds is also a fixed position, for as long as there are not enough jobs. Mere industrialization, without outsourcing jobs to the Third World and without the expected effect of advanced robotics, automatically reduces the total amount of work hours available in society to justify the reward in the shape of spendable wages.

End Poverty to Debt Reduction - The Age of Missed Opportunities

In essence, a growing number of people, regardless of superficial changes in conjunctures, are afforded de facto "living wages" without adding the value to the production system proportional to it. They are effectively incapable of penetrating the work market, because all the work hours are occupied by the worker bees, who will defend their position to be able to maintain the slightly higher privilege paid out as "working wages."

The idea of inventing jobs, boosting productivity, collides with established facts and ingrained policies.

From the 1980s the West was challenged to develop the Third World, namely putting an end to hunger. In spite of the songs, the occasional charity and the generous loans and grants, this effort developed into what is more accurately a sophisticated debt scheme.

In the 1990s the West was called upon to relieve the developing countries of debt, but as it often goes the advice of activists was overturned by cool economic pragmatism - a pragmatism that now comes back to bite the West, as it is caught in the exact same debt-corruption cycle with the exact same manifestations of political extremism and social upheaval as was before more or less reserved for the developing world.

There is an almost exact symmetry to the way the problems we have exported now come back to haunt us.
"Birth control, the economics of birth control, industrialization and the benefits of mass production - these all work together to make it seem like the Malthusian Trap is no longer current, but to think it "obsolete" is a naive error, mistaking the concept for the principle it quantifies."
We live in an era of missed opportunies, but the way forward is not to grieve over the past. The current decision paralysis of Western governments - when comes to almost everything but imperialism in the foreign policy area and militarization of policing domestically - will, eventually, have to be replaced by a pragmatic, mathematical analysis of the social engineering paremeters available.

In this analysis it will be obvious that the 40 hour work day and the real wages of workers will both have to be adjusted dramatically. Work sharing has to become the agenda, unless the West attempts to quit its neo-liberal agenda, disband multinationalism and retrieve its lost work places from China.

If so, it would lead to a dramatic new form of national socialism, and even from the most generous perspective one that cannot facilitate the social and economic growth called for. With an isolationist and ultra-protectionist approach like this the West would only hasten its apparent demise into third world status.

Structural Inertia vs. Hard Political Imperatives

For now, even thinking of it is unrealistic, but with the growing severity of the crisis, eventually any measure will seem worth considering, and all options will be put on the table, even temporary dismantling of democracy.

In the face of such a harrowing spectre "technocratic" governments in Italy and Greece are already struggling to work out a future mode of existence of the nation-state in a world dominated by multi-national powers.

Even corporatism will have to eventually acknowledge the necessity of a nation-state for their own agenda not to be compromised by revolutionary movements or organized crime.

When that day comes - when the heads cool enough to view society rationally and to accept the imperative of good governance - it will become obvious that the most essential restructing of society to keep it in line with 21st century developments is a reform of the employment market.

Ironically, people will have to work less and be paid more. That is the only solution to equasion and the only order that appropriately answers the multitude of dilemmas embedded in capitalist democracy.

Five years ago I studied the UN special development reports for the Arab World and North Africa, comparing them to numbers on Internet and cell phone distribution and penetration in the region. I concluded that what I then called "Arab Renaissance" was in the cards.

This blog, before Adbusters began planning its OWS campaign, published an article that cautiously pointed out the potential for a transcendent movement in the wake of the great financial crisis of 2008, but one that would ultimately change the entire economic structure of the world.
"There is an almost exact symmetry to the way the problems we have exported now come back to haunt us."
Based on the Washington foreign policy consensus Geopolitical Dynamics also called the revitalization of the Cold War dynamic with the collapse of Beijing as the ultimate goal for NATO forces, as the West feels incapable of countering the demographics and economics leading to Chinese world dominance by 2016 by other means than nefarious plotting and brute force. It is simply a business-plan to set the world ablaze, whereever China has critical interests.

As we have witnessed throughout 2011 all of these processes are now in progress, but not necessarily to the benefit of the world. It all depends, by and large, on the collective response and on the ability of the political and financial leaders to adopt, no simply co-opt, the essence of the conclusions derived from juxtaposing these political and economic mega-events.

Even if it may be prudent not to have too great a confidence in their ability to do so, the structuralist perspective offers reasonable probability that humans will eventually do what is absolutely critical to their own survival. Arriving at a reasonable conclusion is, in other words, more likely when it is forced upon people by necessity.

The wild card in the game is panic, hysteria, paranoia and decision paralysis, which will add to the structural intertia that is already manifest in multiple breakdowns of diplomacy, not least when comes to the Doha and the COP. The resistance against CO2 reduction and clean energy reforms also testifies to a significant structural inertia, even in the face of doom.

The Case For Employment Reform - Why It is Likely to Set in

Pessimists need not make long arguments. Their case appears water tight. When I make this prediction, I make it partly as a well-meant advice. I feel it is my duty to point out the obvious, even when it is obvious, and it is obvious that the politicians are willfully oblivious to the obvious. It's a public service. I make it rather confidently, because such reform the revolutionary dynamic will kick in.

It may be curbed by totalitarian measures in an instinctive reaction, but draconian measures don't really dissolve the revolutionary logic, which is an inherent element in all forms of socialization. Following the traditional trajectory the governments, working to protect the "too big too fail" financial institutions and corporations, can only manage to make the poor still poorer, until social instability reaches a point where it adversely affects the productivity of society, reflected also in considerable and threatening losses to the so-called elite.
When we look to Latin America in particular, the source of hope for all the world in spite of her many grievances and rampant drug violence, it is nearly completely "pink" or democratic socialist in spite of hundreds of years of nefarious scheming and ruthless tampering from the CIA.
After such a process the obvious should become more obvious, even to the reactionary. It may take ten years to get there, but in almost every other case when I have made accurate predictions, the effect has set in sooner than I expected. Within the first half of this decade, expect people to begin to mull over the concept of a comprehensive employment reform.

Why? It's the math.

During the long Irish independence struggle the prevailing sentiment in the world was a sort of despair not dissimilar from the way reasonable people respond to the Middle East Conflict today. Yet we have lived to see IRA lay down arms.

Similarly, the pessimistic view would have led to total annihilation in nuclear Holocaust during the arms race of the Cold War, but the Soviet Empire was dismantled almost without bloodshed. 

Furthermore, we have witnessed the end of the apartheid-regime in South Africa, in spite of vast military superiority of the Western forces that backed it, and considerable intrasigence from politicians and power-brokers.

Essentially, colonialism and imperialism ended, because it was structurally indefensible. In the long run - and Western policies are often simply deviced for one election turn - it had posed large disadvantages than advantages to follow the traditional course. 

Like in the case of the racist mentality behind slavery in America, the imperialist mindset, still active and pervasive in the West, was only disassembled to some degree after the fact. 

When we look to Latin America in particular, the source of hope for all the world in spite of her many grievances and rampant drug violence, it is nearly completely "pink" or democratic socialist in spite of hundreds of years of nefarious scheming and ruthless tampering from the CIA.

Not disregarding the political struggle, nor the casualties along the way, nor many and notable setbacks and disasters, cultural development tends to shape itself after an ultimately intelligible political reality, an intricate system of cause and effect that exists outside of human ability to comprehend it through speculative investigation.

Reality remains what it is, and whether denied or acknowledged, the natural laws continue to function, unaffected by human reviews.

Laws of Nature are Persistent, Even Against Critics

I once had a discussion with a lecturer who claimed that "the Malthusian Trap is obsolete." I objected to the notion, referring to virtually every part of the developing world, where the principle is very making itself known, manifest both regionally and nationally. But more than that, I was surprised to find that such a view would be presented by an academic, an expert.

The demographic trap underlies, still, the Western construct, even if it may not be able to defy altogether whatever contraptions we have invented to circumvent it: Birth control, the economics of birth control, industrialization and the benefits of mass production - these all work together to make it seem like the Malthusian Trap is no longer current, but to think it "obsolete" is a naive error, mistaking the concept for the principle it quantifies.

The West is caught in a production vs. demographics trap of its own now, a derivative of the Malthusian trap. The sooner scholars and politicians come to terms with the mathematics of it, the sooner the decision paralysis can be broken and replaced by actual visionary policies, which form the foundation of any successful culture.

That is, of course, if the West intends to win. The first rule of winning is: You can only win, if you do not default. The second rule is: You have to avoid losing. If you lose, you don't win. It's that simple.

This leads directly to the conclusion, which is where hope can be found, even in this twisted age:

You can't win the war, if you lose the peace. If you win the peace, you may not have to fight the war.

So, when we have cut through all the losing positions, the multitude of erroneous paths, leading only to disillusion and self-destruction, whatever is left - however unlikely - must be the truth, even in the political sense of the word.


Washington Declares Cold War on China

After Obama's statement about shifting the focus from the Middle East to Asia Pacific he may find himself surrounded by a far bigger enemy than just China.
Just as predicted in several previous blog posts, USA has declared a cold war on China, perceiving economic rivalry as justification to use its military machine.

This development is manifested in the ominous message from Barack Obama in a  25-minute address to the Australian parliament, where he stated it is his "top priority" to shift the focus from the Middle East to Asia Pacific.

The tangible product of this new strategic commitment is 2,500 US marines stationed in Australia, but also in the way USA antagonizes Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

Considering the devastating nature of US "focus" on the Middle East, this is as good as a declaration of war on all Asians.

Obama's bold statement gave rise to the predictable concern for increased tension between Washington and Beijing, expressed by the Australian Defense official, Hugh White to The Telegraph:

"Everybody in Asia wants the US to stay engaged – and nobody wants to live under Chinese hegemony. But nobody wants the US-China relationship to become contested, because nobody wants to have to choose between the two, especially not Australia."

"How far can USA run on the fact that they abolished slavery after exploiting it to produce an industrial boom that made her also a military superpower? How much credit has she left from helping to beat fascism in WW2, particularly after squandering the victory with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after that Vietnam?"

Destabilizing China Rests on Turning Up Heat on ASEAN

Why is the new Washington consensus a threat to all Asians? Because it is a threat to peace, stability and development in the entire Asian region.

In essence, the Chinese business plan is to grow strong by developing its middle class and forging solid and amiable business relations with every region of the world.

The American business plan is to cut off China by the knees to regain unchallenged superpower status.

This is why USA are pounding on a number of weak spots, key financial or strategic interests to China.

In Libya Russian and Chinese oil companies lost out after the ousting of Ghadafi.

Tibet is the source of water for China's vast irrigation system, crucial to its agricultural project, hence the peculiar American love affair with Dalai Lama.

The South East China Sea, with its contested oil ressources, is a convenient place for America to sow discord. The same goes for North Korea, Taiwan and Pakistan.

Beijing, the capitol of China, is also a hot spot, which can be triggered by use of human rights rhetoric in combination with social upheaval and remote triggered revolutionary tendencies.

Even the growing number of Christians in China can be exploited or even employed as a mean to destabilize China, destroy her global reputation or as a method of espionage.

In fact, some of the earliest American missionaries to China, canonized by right-leaning US think tanks as "martyrs", were CIA agents.

"America, by way of imperial hubris and irresponsible warfare, is reduced to a third world country without the capability to maintain her own social institutions and in a constant state of decision paralysis. The European Union, for 66 years the guarantee of European peace and a source of growth, prosperity and refinement, is teetering on the edge of collapse, with the public debt crisis migrating freely between not only the weaker national economies, but to the German heartland."

A Desperate, Unstable, Warfaring West Promises "Peace and Prosperity"

These are some of the buttons Washington and the Western media will push in the future, and the focus on these areas and the growing tensions in the East will be the proof of the conflict and the hot symptoms of a war of attrition mainly carried out through politics, information and financial means.

Obama is not two feet away from McCain's position on Asia, which can be summarized as the forging of a "leage of democracies" to counter what is officially a threat from "Chinese hegemony" and, quite evidently, economic frustrations about a 5 percent growth rate, Chinese overtaking of global manufacturing, leading position as exporter and upcoming position as number one size economy.

"The Western economies are responsible for the collapse of the global economy and their armies the most active warfaring forces in the world. Even so, they will continue to pursue Western hegemony at the cost of other races and nationalities, and pretend they are capable of guaranteeing "peace and prosperity."

On top of this, China is taking giant leaps in education, research and development, and technological innovation, all key parameters in the contest for superpower, as it is defined by the Western observers.

In contrast, America, by way of imperial hubris and irresponsible warfare, is reduced to a third world country without the capability to maintain her own social institutions and in a constant state of decision paralysis.

The European Union, for 66 years the guarantee of European peace and a source of growth, prosperity and refinement, is teetering on the edge of collapse, with the public debt crisis migrating freely between not only the weaker national economies, but to the German heartland.

The Western economies are responsible for the collapse of the global economy and the most active warfaring nations in the world. Even so, they will continue to pursue Western hegemony at the cost of other races and nationalities, and pretend they are capable of guaranteeing "peace and prosperity."

In the Middle East a new pan-Arab identity has arised, with revolt sweeping across MENA in all of 2011, reshaping the political landscape, even where revolutions did not succeed yet.

Similarly, in spite of historical or current conflicts between Asian countries, and concerns about Chinese imperialism, American intervention will be at the cost of stability and peace, also for countries in the ASEAN.

The Rise of Pan-Asian Identity

The hotter USA makes these conflicts, the more succesful the foreign policy planners are with their subversive  agenda, the more protests will arise even in the US-friendly nations. Eventually Western prejudices will kick in, and Asians will have no choice but to forge a new Pan-Asian Identity.

Racism against Asians in the West is so pervasive, fierce and largely uncountered, it will be a very easy task to accomplish, even without a unifying religious-ideological doctrine like Islam.

Asians are also likely to employ a much more systematic approach, involving all aspects of attrition warfare, including cultural imperialism.

The battle will be relentless, because it is forced upon Asians, just as it was forced upon Arabs and Persians.

The "cool response" from China to Obama's statement should be viewed as it is, as the most chilling rejection of what is effectively a continuation of neoconservative doctrine.

The expansion of the Grand Area Strategy to involve Asia will not go unnoticed in other Asian countries either. All over the world, even in Japan, South Korea and India, pan-conservative values thrive and balk at the introduction of "Western decadence".

"At the end of the day, even in a Western-leaning culture like South Korea, even an African-American and liberal US president, ultimately represents a foreign system, a foreign culture."

Liberalism and neo-liberalism in the economic sense are, in the East, pragmatic positions, but the concept of "Westernization" - particularly introduced as a method of aggressive destabilization - is a global concern that can send even Western-leaning Asian countries right into strong nationalist and racialist positions, and even forge new Pan-Asian unions for economic and strategic purposes.

When Barack Obama visited South Korea in 2010 to work out a free trade pact, he was met by a Chinese journalist who insisted on asking a question, even if Obama wanted to give the first question to the Korean hosts.

"We're all Asians here", the journalist from China told Obama. Nobody objected.

It was widely circulated and cited as a sign of Chinese rudeness, but when given the option to ask before the Chinese reporter, the Korean journalist refrained.

Western Diplomacy is Always Alienating - the Arrogant Language of Power

From this episode Western leaders should take four key lessons:
1) Asian standards of conduct and politeness are not the same as in the West. The Korean journalists refrained out of courtesy for their colleague, even if Barack Obama gave them an opportunity to shame him. The Chinese was, just like Obama, a guest, and the guest takes priority in the East, where hospitality is the great virtue.
2) From this you can also draw the observation that the alleged animosity between China and "free" Asian nations are not as thorough as Westerners would like to think. 
3) At the end of the day, even in a Western-leaning culture like South Korea, even an African-American and liberal US president, ultimately represents a foreign system, a foreign culture. 
4) If pressed hard enough by Western powers, Asians will respond to Western imperialism by withdrawing to racial default lines, and McCain's "League of Democracies" may backfire to the point, where it gives rise to the Chinese empire it allegedly seeks to curb.
We have seen this tendency already, with Sino-Pakistani relations steeling under the pressure from ham-fisted American "diplomacy", waves of secret intelligence operations of a very murky nature and predator drone strikes with immense "collateral damage".

"All this should make the hawks in Washington, which is all there really is, reconsider their position when comes to instigating in Asia."

On a core level, some accusations made by the US State Department, against Pakistan, against China, in favor of Taiwan, in favor of Tibet, are accurate enough. They're not all pulled out of the thin air.

The problem is the way they are used, how they are presented, when and why. The agenda is obvious, the ploys transparent, and the way the criticism is formulated, to the Asian ear, almost constantly crude and insulting.

That is the nature of Western diplomacy and communication, so accustomed to being the master and never the servant, that even when exercising "charity" or expressing sympathy, it always comes out with a ring of arrogance and a touch of racism.

Forgetting a Past Everybody Else Remembers

Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and to some extent Asia, has been in the receiving end of this "third world treatment" for ages.

Asia, however, is not in the position of Vietnam, when it was destabilized and invaded, or China when British gunships lingered outside of her ports to force the great nation to produce opium, in spite of the dire consequences for the Chinese population.

Asians do not have a guilt complex for hundreds of years of colonialism, imperialism, occupation and genocide. Genocide has been perpetrated in Asia, wars have been fought, but Latin America was not destabilized by China, and Asians did not carve out Africa at the 1884 Berlin Conference.

Democracy in Chile and Iran were not overthrown by Chinese agents. Two world wars were not triggered by Asia, and neither Pakistan nor Iran dropped nuclear bombs or murdered 6 million Jews, historically speaking rather recently.

"Australia, so far, is more outspoken than her Asian neighbours, who are culturally habituated to cautious observation and taciturn expression. But whatever rings true for white Astralia, you can bet rings twice as true for East Asia."

All this should make the hawks in Washington, which is all there really is, reconsider their position when comes to instigating in Asia.

Asia has observed what US focus on the Middle East means, and these countries are not so stupid they do not understand the economic incentives behind the propaganda.

Neither are they so compliant to the West they will not stage the full measure of counter-operations to such a vast destabilization strategy from Washington and Pentagon.

Even if terrorism is abhorrent to China and ASEAN, Asians naturally consider Arabs a brother people, Asians by the extention that Arabia is a part of the Asian continent.

How Far Can You Run on Past Achievements?

The question Washington should ask itself, before venturing into this long-drawn conflict, a de facto war of attrition, where smaller countries become squeezed between the continental plates of two superpowers, is if the West is really ready for a conflict of this nature and scope.

Asia is prepared and confident enough. Several years ago a retired Chinese general warned an astonished Western press that US military interference in Chinese territory would be perceived as a declaration of war.

And, since China - like any nation in the world - does not have the conventional force to counter the US army, a conflict would be taken directly to thermonuclear war. China would sacrifice significant land mass, but the entire US west coast would be destroyed.

Between where we are now and such a scenario stands the ASEAN countries, duped as the most of the world into supporting the Western neo-liberal paradigm. But when push comes to shove, the modern China is not such a vicious beast that many of the Western loyalist will not drop out to support China against an aggressor, if it is proven that the alternative is worse.

"We're all Asians here", the journalist from China told Obama. Nobody objected.

This tendency will grow stronger, as China grows wealthier, a tendency we can already see expressed in the Australian position on China, which is to form amiable ties, because it is good for the economy and good for security.

How far can USA run on the fact that they abolished slavery after exploiting it to produce an industrial boom that made her also a military superpower? How much credit has she left from helping to beat fascism in WW2, particularly after squandering the victory with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after that Vietnam?

Australia, so far, is more outspoken than her Asian neighbours, who are culturally habituated to cautious observation and taciturn expression. But whatever rings true for white Astralia, you can bet rings twice as true for East Asia.

Malaysia, one of the founding ASEAN members, has just started its formal war crime hearing against Bush and Blair.

Obama, there is the detailed answer you are looking for, but will not get from Asia.


America's Next Race War: Descent into Apartheid

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville (French Historian and Political scientist. 1805-1859)
"Anybody who knows how economic statistics are produced also knows they are really a subgenre of science fiction" (Paul Krugman, American economist. 1953-)
The war on drug is a part of another gigantic destabilization game played to secure the faltering supremacy of the Anglo-European culture in Europe and America. In reality, it's a new race war. Political correctness benefits the oppressor more than the oppressed.
The American empire is circling the drain in every tighter circles. An impotent White House hipocritically demanded that Beijing accounts for its reasons to acquire an aircraft carrier, calling for "transparency" between the two great nations.

This, in spite of the fact that USA is currently involved in at least 8 neo-colonialist wars and have black ops conducted in about 120 countries around the world.

At home conditions are deteriorating faster than anybody could expect, making USA a de facto Third World nation, even if such a thing is yet to be declared by officialhood.

"America will be number one again", Barack Obama stated in his September 9 2011 Job Speech, acknowledging that USA has fallen behind.

Exactly how bad USA's condition is, however, only very few dare to admit. Even bloggers who list the deterioration of American social infrastructure and other signs of the universal decay of the empire refrain from simply calling what is obvious:

"It's game over."

An almost superstitious belief in Americanism, the so-called fourth great Western religion, mixed with fear of being brought to shame by some miraculous super-stunt by the waning empire, has lead people to be cautious about calling the truth.

The fact of the matter is that there is a deep and incurable crisis, by one trader interviewed by BBC called "a cancer" that will lead the economy to crash very soon.

The fact of the matter is that nobody, nobody, nobody, have a clear or coherent plan for how to fix a system almost everybody can acknowledge is "broken". In other words, the West drives on, full speed ahead and with militaristic vigor, on a broken engine.

Predator Drones and Steven Seagall Patrol Border

Along with historical unemployment numbers, millions of foreclosures and widespread agony, manifesting as Tea Party protests and Occupy Wall Street protests, another ominous trend is forming: America is entering a new and widespread war on the home front, a race war where the so-called "War on Drugs" is just a front or, at best, an aspect.

By 2050 the "white only" population in USA will be a minority. Hispanics will have grown to become the dominant ethnic group, just as Brazil, Russia, India and China (not necessarily in that order) will have become the four largest economies. USA, by then, will be nothing but a heavily armed outlier, the corrupted cop of the world trying to make its influence count by war and by threats of war - as it already is the case.

Losing with dignity is not in the cards. White upper class America, with the help of white middle and working class racists, and some rather notable African-American stooges from President Barack Obama to the would-be GOP candidate, Herman Cain, have launched a full frontal assault on what they perceive now as the greatest threat to (their supremacy in) America: Hispanics.

Full frontal assault is not exactly an exaggeration, no. Predator drones, employed in North Africa and the Middle East to decimate populations under the guise of striking "Al Qaeda" or "militants", are put into action to stem the tide of "illegal immigrants" at North America's southern borders.

Mexico is being destabilized with the inflow of American arms to prop up both sides in the War on Drugs, a widely overlooked scandal referred to as Fast and Furious. Yes, the infamous American State Department delivers weapon to Mexican drug cartels, another row of CIA assets in the grand tradition of Noriega and the current Afghanistan poppy fields.

In a bizarre twist, Hollywood cheese-ball martial artist, Steven Seagall, has been commission to become a deputy sheriff in Hudspeth County, Texas, in order to patrol the border.

If that's not enough, Immigrant detainees report hundreds of cases of sexual abuse while in custody, reflecting an ominous pattern from US occupied zones in the Middle East and Israel.

And the prison-industrial complex in Texas has cut away lunch for inmates, rationing them now to only two meals a day, a sinister way of promoting discontent and violence among the incarcerated.

When Racists Attack in High Speed Chases

The manhunt is not confined to the border. 25% of the US inmates, who by the way constitutes 25% of the world's prison population, are "illegal immigrants", most often of Hispanic descend.

Check-points, similar to those who are used by Israel, are being deployed. Florida state Rep. Alan Hays (R) has called for "Hispanic-speaking voters" to prove legal citizenship.

A restaurant owner in Birmingham, Alabama, received threats for expressing opposition to Alabama's extreme anti-immigration law.

Hollywood is galvanizing white America for a new war at home, launching for instance the steam-punk vampire thriller Priest (2011), where Paul Bettany with a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead hunts vampires in the "reservations" - areas set up, exactly like Native American reservations, to contain the enemy.

There's even a line, where the zealot justifies the policies of the church: "You are a blood-thirsty race".

The America that in recent times boasted the end of slavery and racial segregation - as if the end of heinous and inhuman practices was something to be proud of - and the election of a black American president, now faces a new challenge: An apartheid system growing from the failure to actualize the noble multicultural ideals by which USA has always marketed itself.

Impoverization, Criminalization and Parallel States

The cynics will say it has always been like this for new immigrants, whether Asian, Irish or Italian.

And they are more right than they know: The Hispanic population growth that now threatens Caucasian supremacy in USA is not so much caused by illegal immigration as by natural multiplication. The demographic transition is so distinct it would take a genocide to prevent it, hence the white desperation.

In many ways the general indifference of the ruling class to the deteriorating standards of middle America is caused by a psychological resentment towards "colored" citizens in the upper class, shared by large parts of the white American middle class, even if they may be too polite to express it.

Letting society slide is an indirect way of getting to the "intruders" and preventing them from breeding, albeit admittedly an impractical or even self-destructive one. The OWS protesters, at least, realize that.

As predicted in other articles here, the impoverization of America and the subsequent criminalization of poverty is funnelled into crime with increasingly high "IQ". Joe Biden was recently criticized for threatening increased crime, violent crime and homicide, if the Obama job bill wasn't passed.

That may not be so far fetched, since a new FBI report actually verifies that gangs are increasingly engaging in white collar crime.

In Mexico and other crime-ridden nations in Latin America, for decades and decades the victims of McCarthy-inspired anti-socialist destabilization programmes conducted by CIA, organized crime has turned into de facto parallel states, not unlike the condition in Sicily and Southern Italy, where the mafia originated.

Extremely lethal crime organizations like Zeta and MS13 are terrorizing entire cities with a series of bloodbaths on people who dare to oppose them or even speak out against them online. These gangs are also present in immigrant-hunting USA, where they feed on the lack of trickle-down from "trickle-down economics" and serve to install fear in citizens and provide justification for the man hunt on Hispanics.

In Mexico, however, one drug lord named Jesus Malverde, literally became a saint, as followers who had benefited from his Robin Hood-manerisms erected a shrine for him.

That's the way it goes: Give people no other option but to fight, and they will fight with all means, and with unimaginable ruthlessness. USA put Latin America up against the wall to curb socialism, and in return the entire continent turned socialist to the point, where it today penetrates a defenseless USA.

Because USA is defenseless, caught up in the dynamics of its own imperial oppression as its economy is carved out from within to the point, where even billionaires are clamoring for socialism and taxation of the superrich to accomodate the increasingly frustrated middle America.

The war, the Draconian measures, the civil rights abuses? They are all the death throes of a system that, once again, plunges into racially divisive thinking and scheming, dancing with apartheid as all the colonialist Anglo-European powers have done, until they must eventually give up.


Why The Silence on the Wall Street Protests?

The ancient legend of the origin of chess explains exactly what is happening in the financial sector and in the highest echelons of crony capitalist power.
Hours after President Obama's live speech about his job plan on Thursday October 2011 the Newsmap, aggregating news reads according to the Google reader - a relatively accurate instrument to detect the impact of world events - showed no items in the US part of the Internet about the Wall Street Protests, now taking place in 77 different cities all over America.

Overall, coverage in the West in online segments of the press and news cable corporations showed less than 1 percent of total coverage. In comparison events like Wikileaks and the Arab Spring managed to capture over 50 percent of all news consumption online, in peak periods as much as 60 or 70 percent.

Reports from USA indicates that media coverage has only just begun, and it is mostly derisive, spinning it as a cultural phenomenon, a group of bewildered people with a very vague agenda, criticizing the movement for muffling its message.

Other countries got it down, even if coverage is sparse: Canada had the most coverage, and in the UK BBC did set aside a feature page, and The Guardian ran a Live Blog as if it was a real event. In Germany Focus Online ran an article, all of them explaining that the "Wall Street Critics Protested Increased Inequality."

That was too hard a message for media anchors to grasp in USA. The roaring silence can only make you suspect a direct stand-down order from the highest echelons of power to which the news editors are also sworn.

Since nobody really wants to explain the concept behind the 1% and the 99% and the urgency of what is taking place, allow yours truly to guide you through the simple version:

Fear of the Grim Regulator

The Great Recession is nothing like the Great Depression or even the Savings and Loans scandal. The subprime mortgage crisis had bankers and top industries collecting public welfare after collapsing the global economy to near death, thereafter paying out tremendous bonuses, and on top of it forging a movement to disrupt the debt ceiling debate, introduce austerity cuts along with IMF guidelines and generally assuring the American public of a dramatic decrease in living standards in the future.

Unemployment, not least among other ethnicities, is skyrocketing. The US industrial base is at the verge of faltering. Trillions from the public budget have been wasted on wars to make billions in profit for private contracters with informal ties to lawmakers, particularly in the Bush administration.

The public, particularly the protesters, are aware of this. It's very difficult to overlook that the only constant in this mudslide of economic events is that the financial and industrial elite must, at all times, keep the same amount of money in order for "the system to work."

But it's more than a problem of inequality, inability to maintain the public schooling system, roads and bridges or medicare. It is more than a certain level of aristocracy and nepotism at work. It is the single largest assault on the public sector in history, a historical attempt to wrestle absolute control from government and into a crony capitalist cabal carried out in the open through secret societies like Bilderberg, through the common lobbyism and special agreements between politicians and corporate owners, and through economic hitmen - de-regulators positioned in high places in industry and administration.

Why, some will ask, would they collapse the economy and make the financial sector a villain in the eyes of the world, in order to construct the neo-liberal paradise for the rich and nightmare for the working class? How could they hope to succeed or even to contain the crisis and curb the consequences?

Well, they knew regulators would come, and they feared that, because the corruption level is at this point equivalent or higher than the level of corruption in the Soviet Union in 1985. De-regulation was not an option, but a necessity to avoid tens of thousands of FBI cases for fradulent banking and stock market practices.

The sub-prime mortgage scheme was not a spontanous bubble. It was not an inevitable repitition of previous market bubbles, but the disciplined utilization of what had been learned from previous bubbles. It was the ultimate bubble, instigated by economic hitmen, financial de-regulators in public offices and in the financial industries.

They knew regulation laws would eventually be passed to block liar loans, so they pre-empted that legislation, cutting the power of the publicly elected government off by the knees by simply sabotaging the entire world economy. In a greed-driven market it is profoundly easy to introduce a scam, seduce people in all ranks of banking to establish and sell off toxic assets and make a bundle of money, while at the same time preparing the crisis story.

From 911/War on Terror to Financial Crisis/Recession

The grand narrative that defines the second decade of the 21st century AD is the Financial Crisis/Great Recession, just like 911/War on Terror was the grand narrative by which the same corporate powers led by the Koch Brothers established and maintained control of policy.

The crisis story, "staring into an abyss", was not a lie as such. It took place. The risk of a complete financial collapse was actual. It is still actual. It can only be explained as the gamble of desperate men with everything to lose, but also everything to gain.

Regulation and taxation would cut deep into the corrupted heart of the financial sector, and the fear of it is enough to motivate a cabal of converging interests. But there is also the added factor that a great financial crisis could be used to consolidate the political power of the global mobile elite - a crisis of this scale, forcing the government to abandon concerns of moral hazard and bail out the most profitable and unethical industries of modern society would render them able to take full control of government and become the de facto government.

This is where the Bretton Woods institutions enter the picture. On the backdrop of recession the public debt problem is added an ominous tint, which can be used by IMF - as it is done - to argue vehemently for public cuts in America as well as Europe. This reduces the living conditions and real wages of workers worldwide, busts the strength of the unions, weakens them in wage negotiations and, ultimately, lowers the minimum wage - all in all a very profitable development in short term for most big corporations.

But let's not fool ourselves - the most profitable production market is China, and no matter how destabilized the American society and work force cannot equitably compete with the enormous masses of destitute low skill workers in China. To kill of her own growth in order to be able to hire domestic workers for a cheaper price does not make a lot of sense, not even to the most cynical of industrialists.

But here's the ticker: What the corporate moguls want is to sit on public utility. A William Gibson-esque ultra-liberalistic society is the wet dream of the right wing, libertarians and neo-liberals alike. In such a society corporations regulate government functions. They own politicians and judges, define lawmaking before it even reaches Congress, has the protection of the police and the armed forces, and runs the prison-industrial complex.

It is totality of power, a de facto government of multinationalists, taking control first of Manhattan and then of Berlin.

The Two Towers: IMF and World Bank

Did they succeed? Yes, so far. Due to the crisis USA is under the thumb of IMF, and so are three countries so far in the Eurozone. These countries, including USA, has technically lost sovereignty in matters of national affairs.

Greece is the trigger or kill-switch, which may collapse the system entirely to a point, where either regulation or de-regulation is inevitable. Germany is the last obstacle, pressured to perform another exercise in moral hazard by bailing out Greece to avoid default, a further weakening of the Eurozone and escalating recession along all the fault lines.

This affects Wall Street and Washington alike. The so-called 1% know what is at stake. Their play is to pose a deal nobody can refuse, as the gangsters call it, by giving Europe the choice of either bailing out and parenting Greece into the control of IMF, or to let Greece default and suffer the consequences.

Germany, as I hinted, is not just the last buffer agains total dominion of the Transatlantic Alliance, but also a target.

One follows from the other, because only when Germany is under IMF total dominion is guaranteed. Austerity measures that work directly opposite to what is being said by leading experts and think tanks - echoed in the media, just like reports that "more jobs overseas (China, India, Haiti) means more jobs at home", a conclusion given in advance, calculated on very loose foundation and presented as fact against better knowledge and against obvious proof of the opposite.

IMF will be put in position as the large gun to enforce, through debt, specific measures that guarantees that the same mega-rich entities - persons and corporations - maintain the same level of wealth throughout any level of crisis. That is the only constant, hence the OWS reference to the 1%.

The discrepancy is obvious, but more than symbolic, more than a moral outrage as it is being interpreted by those with some sympathy for the counter-movement, the resistance against the crony capitalist cabal at work.

It is not just that it is unreasonable to bail out the bankers, because their institutions are "too big to fail" but refuse to bail out others, whether it be a country like Greece or the American or, in turn, European work force. It is not some camel to swallow in order to protect a system that has some minor errors that occasionally turn out as bubbles and stock market crashes.

No, it is a methodical onslaught on centralized government, a bid for power in the style of Latin American or Eastern European mobsters. It is the removal of all obstacles to unhinged privatization, monopolies on public utility - the perfect money machine, because the demand is constant - and corporate ownership of society's citizenry.

On the top level it is an actual cabal around an express agenda, but on levels below it is only a loosely knitted cabal of converging interests, which is relatively easy to enforce, because there is a short-lived individual interest to present to every player, almost like the classical pyramid schemes.

How to Appropriate Nations By Economic Warfare

It is the outlines of this monstrous plot many in the protest movement has discovered or at least detect on an intuitive level. The obvious discrepancy between "too big to fail" and "let them eat cake" has begun to open the eyes of workers and of the middle-class who are being turned into low wage, over-worked slave labor.

They sense intent behind the seemingly random series of political and financial motions and signals. They see a future outlined where they have no power to negotiate, only symbolic representation in parliaments and zero option to sanction their oppressor.

So, they turn socialist. Even people who are in favor of free market, who are not socialist and who may not even be economically threatened or marginalized, turn socialist. Paradoxically, this is the only option left to protect centralized administration against hostile takeover.

It is this mixture of common greed and speculation, loop-holes in the financial system, deliberate exploitation of human and systemic weaknesses, and a corporate-political agenda of colonalization revolving around the twin organizations of Bretton Woods that has triggered the upset, the stand-off.

The scope of the plot is is the reason behind the massive black-out, which resembles the full media compliance ahead of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Embedded journalism, photo bans and clever neologisms like "preemptive strike", "collateral damage", "rendition", "enemy combatant", you name it, to cover for a totalitarian agenda already fully manifest in the Western societies, even if not used to the maximum extent yet.

The surveillance grid is laid down and near-total. The prison-industrial complex is established to the point where development-stricken states compete for prospected maximum security facilities. The media have been horded on very few hands, equivalent to the Big Four and Big Five in the music and the movie industry.

Everything is tied together and fits neatly in the plan, except for people. The people revolt, because they are not sheep, and they are not trees you can cut down and expect to stay quiet, while you do it, because you have some sinister utilitarian ethic saying that 40 million American poor can be sacrificed for the greater good of the system.

The corruption is so intense, often legitimized by legislation, and the discrepancy between what moral hazard is allowed and what is not allowed, and the social inequality, has grown to a point, where the protesters are equated with and compared to the protesters against obvious tyranny in the Arab Spring.

The comparison, once more, is not symbolic or metaphysical similarity. It is very actual, first of all because it is about democracy and civil rights. The Arabs were protesting to gain democracy and civil rights, to have their minds freed and their bodies protected against abuse.

The American uprising, according to some also blacked out on Twitter, is about not losing the last remnants of democracy and civil rights in the so-called "free world."

But there is more than convergence of issues at work - in reality, opposite to what is most commonly shown in the media, the dictatorships of the Arab World are "our dictatorships", Western designed, Western sponsored and Western ruled sattrap regimes with whom our secret intelligence agencies work closely, among others on the rendition and torture industry.

At some level, which is very problematic to future diplomatic relations and to the dynamics of the uprisings, the Arabs are protesting us. Our governments. Our imperialism. This is a fact that can motivate forces like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to exceed their traditional course of remaining in the background of elections, curbing their own power to remain a cultural and moral influence on the populations they affect - and stimulate Arabs in the modern world to support or even urge a stronger anti-Western political course.

The baroque Western colonialization of its own societies is most apparent in the way country after country fall under IMF and this become equal to third world countries, which have been exploited, destabilized and on occasion destroyed by the Bretton Woods institutions in swell cooperation.

The Smart Tricks the Stupid

The debt bond, based on interests and a form of mathematics very few human beings - including politicians - can really comprehend, is what lies behind the pervasiveness of this new multinational corporate power-house.

Legend says that chess was invented by a Chinese mathematical genius, ordered by the emperor as an instrument to teach generals strategy and tactics. The genius in question came up with a board game played on a field with 64 squares, based on the ancient Book of Changes. He demanded as his price for the game only this: One gold coin for the first square, two for the second, four for the third, and so forth. The emperor, who was exceedingly wealthy, saw no problem in granting this wise man his request and promised him the payment - only to find out shortly after that he was bankrupt and the inventor of the game the de facto emperor.

In a fit of anger, condemning the genius as a traitor, the emperor turned around on his promise and had him executed.


The Beast is Wroth

“Why are you angry and your face fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted?" (Gen. 4:6) 
"But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." (Rev. 12:12)
For a lot of people the Norwegian massacre came as a surprise. That a tall blond Norwegian man could ruthlessly and savagely murder 77 of his own countrymen, most of which were children or adolescents, was shocking enough. But even more controversy was raised over the fact that he is a Christian.

Christians were busy distancing themselves from Breivik, but almost everywhere in the "free world" without any of the soul-searching demanded of Muslims in the age of Islamic terror. In fact, pundits and preachers and politicians of the Western cross, cannot help expressing some level of sympathy - not for the murderer, but for his message and the sentiments that boiled beneath it: White supremacy.

We are entering the age of Western terrorism, and not just state terrorism and state sponsored terrorism carried out by the overwhelming military apparatus and clandestine organizations of NATO. Police shooting and brutality is on the rise in USA, and as always the trend hits African-Americans and Hispanics dysproportionally.

Or, perhaps it is more correct to say proportionally, because the social injustice accurately depicts the proportions of white rage.

There are two main reasons for the white rage, aside from the obvious financial crisis of 2008 and subsequent recession. They are both dates: 2016 and 2050.

By 2016 China will have grown into the dominant economy on the planet. Most Americans already consider the throne lost. In Europe we know that "whatever's over there will soon be over here", and Europeans feel somewhat naked at the thought of losing the protective wings of the Great Eagle.

The Fears Behind White Rage

Even worse for fans of PNAC (Project for a New American Century), by 2050 BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China - will have become the four dominant economies on planet. Not even natural disasters on a common scale can prevent that. The only conceivable wild card in the game is world war.

The American right is ranting and railing, because it knows its time is short. It is centuries of white Anglo-Saxon dominance lost, circling the drain in ever narrower gyres, as George Carlin famously put it.

Furthermore, by 2050 the Hispanic population in USA will be tripled, and the "all white" population will be reduced to "minority" status.

WASP hegemony over the Americas is challenged, and white people who are seeing it coming are faced with the choice to either embrace the non-racist and anti-racist creed USA formally hails - or go all out Nazi.

A lot of people in Europe and America are currently turning towards Nazism. I don't mean fascism in the abstract sense or as a curse word or obscenity, but Nazism in the "nuke 'em till they glow" and "white supremacy" kind of way.

There is nothing like a financial crisis with subsequent recession and skyhigh unemployment rates to peel off the the thin veneer of civilization and reveal the beast inside.

This decade is dedicated to extreme right entitlement attitudes, mixed with homicidal rage and nostalgic longing back to a glorious day of tribal autonomy and heterogenic harmony - a condition that unfortunately never existed, but shines so much more brightly in the imagination as it is a complete fiction, as reality-adequate as a paperback Harlequin.

Blaming Diversity for the Crime of a One-Track-Mind

It was evident with hurricane Katrina how little white America cares for its colored people. Nobody dares to say so, but it's obvious some powerful people saw that as an opportunity to decimate a bit of that pesky demographic imbalance in the country.

After the recent London riots the papers and the Internet forums were flooded with resentful messages, many of which were racist in nature, and violently aggressive in a way that would have called for deletion and prosecution procedures if they had been "the other way around" or directed at Israeli, Jews or Zionists.

British historian David Starkey carried wood for the bonfires of race conflict by stating that the cause for the riots was black culture, saying that "the whites have become black." That's the racist version of the "no good Scotsman" argument - if white people do evil, they do so enticed by the black.

Next up famous comedian John Cleese, who seems to have become a reactionary pundit in his old age: "London is no longer an English city", he says, lamenting the good ol' days when faces in the streets resembled his own.

The comedian was praised by the libertarian UK Independence Party and the far right English Defense League for his valor and for basically saying what a lot of Englishmen are thinking. No doubt about the latter, but the question is if it really takes courage in this day and age to clamor against multi-culturalism.

There's virtually no Parliament in Europe without extreme right representation, and it is not one year ago German chancellor Merkel stated: "Multiculturalism is failed".

Characteristically, it wasn't Europe's take on multiculturalism that had failed, but the entire project. The very idea of diversity has grown increasingly repulsive over the past two decades.

Not a word about the nearly total allergy to color in the majority of white communities and how it produces compulsory self-segregation and actually gives immigrants and minorities better chances of making it if they "gang up" - while hyper-assimilation can be a very very lonely path, if you're not quite ready to say the magic word, which is "Islamism".

Anti-Islamism is like a magic stone, like a universal key that opens many doors; ranting and railing about it is  a pathway to many a secret society and to employment in prominent think tanks.

Reject the Killer, but Not His Crusade

If all this took place in any other country or culture there'd be severe warnings from the West. In fact, we would reassess their reliability as investment objects over developments like these, and possibly even bar them from prestigious supranatural organizations.

The Christian West is suffering from a vast and growing blind spot to its own errors and to the deep rooted racist seed that triggered two subsequent world wars, a feat no other culture or religious sect can "brag."

Whether it be Communism, Fascism, Anti-semitism or Zionism, these are all ideologies originated in xenophobic Europe. Muslims, for instance, never murdered 6 million Jews. It simply didn't happen in Arabia. It happened in Europe.

As for USA it is a nation accounting for 42% of the world's military budget and an army six times larger than its nearest competitor, and the world's leading arms dealer as well as the world's greatest polluter.

Destructivity is as much in the veines of white Christian culture as in any other race or culture on Earth. Even the most hot-headed Islamic extremists are complete amateurs in this game.

Which leads us back to Anders Behring Breivik and his many supporters. I am not talking about the fans that send him mail, or the lovesick pigeons proposing to the "blonde bestie". I am talking about all those who distance themselves from his murderous act, but are not too eager to renounce his cause.

Western Terrorism - Hardly Something New

In fact, preachers and pundits and politicians have been swift to "utilize" Breivik's terrorism, explaining it almost as an act of desperation and claiming it is how white people - atheist and Christian alike - respond to the extreme pressure of "multiculturalism."

But hold on, wait, the West invented multiculturalism. It wasn't a trick by starving Africans and exhausted Chinese factory workers. The "strangers" were a "byproduct" of global imperialism, and they were brought - slaves as well as freeman - to produce the very wealth Western civilization presents as exhibit A in their case for Western supremacy.

The dismantling of the British empire, the end of overt imperialism and the racialization of Western socities - including the segregation and self-segregation evident today - are all systemic byproducts of a certain pattern of policies towards the world.

The wounds are self-inflicted, and the consequences unavoidable. But now that the table is turning, as it always did in history, and as it always will, the sleek polish of civilization needs only a few scratches, and the inherently barbaric nature of all human races is revealed to also possess the Western mind.

All cultures had their human sacrifices. The illusion that Rome was nobler and less atrocious than the Phoenicians or the Celts is dying, a thousand years after its formal expiration date. The idea of an enlightened race, a "white man's burden" and benign empire is finally ready to be buried.

Most notably in the thick irony that the West is now going through a process of "talibanization". I use the term reluctantly and only in this context, because it is like so many other concepts coined by Western orientalists to make religious, cultural and political radicalization an Asian invention.

It's like those historians still using the term "Oriental despots", neglecting the fact that all ancient civilizations were despotic, and that the Occidental regimes until very recently were no less despotic. In Europe the fascist dictator Franco ruled until 1975, and Belarus remains a dictatorship in spite of the "velvet revolution."

Europe and America both have seen campaigns of "homegrown terrorism", long before the Taliban were promoted as a boogie-man through the complacent and servile Western press: You have the IRA, the ETA, the JDL, the PKK, the UNA-bomber and the abortion clinic bombings.

Already in 1991 the European papers cleared their frontpages with "second coming" size fonts reporting "the return of the 1930s" as Western extremists curb stomped and fire-bombed Islamic immigrants in Europe following the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany.

Immigrants have lived in this environment for decades. They have been ghettoized, marginalized from the work forces, heckled in the press and attacked in the streets. This is a part of the story of racial segregation and parallel socities in Europe.

Sweden, the iconic country of IKEA, environmentalism and welfarism, has a strong white supremacist power base. In two instances snipers have been targeting immigrants in Malmö. Denmark is one of the world's leading publishers of Neo-Nazi material, books and booklets and CDs with racially incendiary music, and it is a country where 83 percent according to a 1997 survey conducted by EU are "somewhat racist".

Denmark also has 100 percent skin code in every night club in the country. The most right wing parts of the population has been caught out using racist code to avoid hiring immigrants or to make sure they get a white cab criver.

If the West Plunges Further, God Help Us All

Still, until recently the West could reasonably claim some level of moral high ground when comes to civil liberties and human rights. Perhaps it is even fair to say it still can, even if the argument is growing increasingly weak, considering preemptive strikes, torture and Big Brother society.

Let's just say there there is a battle for the heart and soul of the West, and that human rights is a concept that still makes some sense to some people.

There are moderates, leftists, progressives, non-racists and even the occasional anti-racist, which is not the same thing.

What the rest of the world dreads, however, is a condition in which the Western Taliban may soon sit on the world's largest military apparatus, if it is not already the case. This military apparatus involves an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

What the rest of the world dreads is a culture so convinced of its own supremacy, morally and intellectually, that when it is reduced to second and, perhaps, along the way to third, fourth or fifth, it will go haywire globally, seeking pretext to use its military forces to simply destroy competition.

Who would be in a position to do anything about it? UN? ICC? Who does anything about it right now, as it is happening, with six open war theatres and millions killed, by bombing, by sanctions, and by God knows what clandestine operations?

What the rest of the world dreads is a civilization crumbling and, determined to drag everybody else along, takes another head-dive into rampant fascism, killing off the pesky colored people even within their own borders.

That potential is what Anders Behring Breivik saw. His action did not take place in a vacuum. He followed the debate. He took readings of the democratic temperature; he measured the extremist currents in his own neighbourhood, Europe.

He also saw what would have been obvious to everybody, if it wasn't for denial and white-washing of Western crimes - that the time is ripe for a Nazification. Breivik decided to capitalize on the currents that others have set in motion, and it is a sad testimony against the people of the West that so many have chosen to "blame it on multiculturalism."

It is not just a discouraging display of racism, but unintelligent, unimaginative, predictable.

And that is one of the saddest part of the crowd rushing to put blame at Islamic terrorism and reaffirm their devotion to the "war on terror", even before the identity of the bomber/shooter had been verified: It was so predictable.

Just as sad is the fact that after the first initial shock, the process of introspection was rapidly aborted in favor of the "lone madman theory".

The Western paradigm, after the collapse of Communism, no longer has the capacity of social criticism.

All it has left is a very simplistic system, where the offenses of other races are treated as indiciative of cultural-religious or racial traits, while excuses are sought for Caucasian crimes, which are presented with more detail, in a more humanized narrative and with psycho-social explanations.

A Culture With No Self-regulation

Socialism is being carved out incrementally by neo-liberal think tanks and pundits, and Christianity has long been dead, subservient to a materialistic and imperialistic order of thinking. And nobody, of course, listens to the Muslims.

What we are left with is a condition in which the West - intoxicated by "the victory of democracy and capitalism" - has lost almost all vital elements of self-correction.

This is most evident in the trend, where politicians and industrialists destabilize their own societies in the same way they have destabilized country after country around the world: Attacking unions, degrading public education, carving out social security and health care, and diminishing civil liberties.

All this serves to undermine civil society and, in turn, centralized government and the rule of law. The most fundamental error of political scientists in the Western schools of political thinking is to assume that the only condition worse than dictatorship is anarchy.

That's a superficial and purely theoretic way of thinking. It is dangerous, because it tempts the mind of the elite to think they are untouchable. After all, some level of anarchy can be contained by Draconian measures, while they hide away in their gated communities or on far off private islands.

In reality what happens can be witnessed in many developing countries, including Latin American societies like Mexico and countries in the former Eastern block. What happens in the developing world, when civil society is undermined, is an outflow of frustrated energy into either revolutionary activity or into organized crime.

In USA, due to the strict policing and the pervasiveness of the prison-industrial complex, social disparity is most likely to be funnelled into organized crime. That may cause a condition where even federal power is challenged from within by groups not too dissimilar from Zeta or MS13, except these gangs through recruitment of "ordinary citizens" will likely grow a brain.

There'll be people who study economics, political science and military strategy, and if they combine ruthlessness with intellect, they may become a serious threat to centralized power, corrupting police forces and secret intelligence bureaus, and targeting politicians and high ranking industrialists.

We almost do not need to mention forces like Blackwater, because mercenaries are for sale - that's in the definition.

The Systematic Undermining of Civil Society

If such a process is allowed to come to fruition, ironically, not even top ranking industrialists like the Koch Brothers will be safe - the irony is, of course, that they funded both the neo-con movement that set the world ablaze and the current Tea Party rebellion.

They say there are two things certain in life, death and taxes. But taxes are no longer certain, since the neo-liberals and super-rich libertarians can just put their money in tax havens or build their own island, where there are no laws requiring them to pay back to the society that made them great.

In fact, multinationals can just complain and threaten to take their industries abroad, and the governments have to put their IRS inspection on indefinite hold. That's how weakened centralized power is in the early days of 21st century.

If taxes are no longer certain, however, death remains a constant in any foreseeable future. The second thing that is certain in this life is Irony. Death and Irony, they're the new buddies.

The irony is thick that it is the ruthlessness of capitalism that eventually destroys its ability to exist. Marx wrote about that, how free market eventually degrades into monopolies, and anti-trust legislation is the most apparent evidence of the need for regulation.

Not only is capitalism dysfunctional without regulation, but it has to beg for regulation in order to survive.

That dependency becomes even more apparent with the great bail-out of 2008. Suddenly everybody's on dole. Bankers, industrialists, everybody's out there rattling the tin cup.

But that's not even the thickest irony of the age: The thickest irony so far is that the West has been clamoring for "moderate Muslims" to "speak out against terror." Now that the tables are turning, every object on the table is also displaced.

That means that all of a sudden the world can reasonably call for moderate Christians and atheists in the West to speak out against the "crusaderism" of Anders Behring Breivik and his many sympathizers.

You Can't Outrun or Outfox Moral Equivalence

Just like in the case of Muslims in the neo-con decade most of us don't automatically hold all "Christians" or "Westerners" collectively responsible for this and similar atrocities. But isn't it just simply fair to say that if Muslims are made guilty by association, so should Christians or Westerners?

After all, it is in the Bible, Matthew 7:2:
"For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."
So, having observed how the West did the tango for the past two decades, Westerners should brace themselves for two decades, where people who are growing increasingly empowered, increasingly enlightened and increasingly vocal, will put that principle into action.

For the moderates in the West, well, if you do speak out against Western atrocities, the global, multi-cultural and all-embracing community welcomes you. If you do not speak out, you may hear criticism for tacitly approving the extremism of the West.

I understand it is difficult for white people to understand that they can be feared as much as they fear other people, or even to accept that there is no discernable difference between their racism and racism in, say, Zimbabwe.

More than anything it is a generally higher income level, a higher level of education and a stronger civil society, including a more effective police force, that still secures some minority rights in the Anglo-Saxon hemisphere.

But historically, white fury has been the single most destructive force on planet, and no people has displaced other races on a wider scale and with more determination. There's even a term for it, and it's not "Islamic Khalifate", but "Manifest Destiny". To point that out is not anti-white racism, but a historical fact that most people who are not so fortunate to be born white live with in the back of their mind, every day of their lives.

Think back, please, to the last time you were "assaulted by reality", as the anti-Islamic neo-cons used to say, and how deeply it traumatized you, and how thoroughly it colored your emotional responses to news involving, say, terrorism or crimes perpetrated by immigrants - that is how many in the world now feel about Western supremacism and white fury on a daily basis.

As the African-American comedian, Chris Rock, once put it:
"I'm not afraid of Al Qaeda. I'm afraid of Al Cracker!"
In a country where you can easily be shot or tazed or beat to death for "driving while black", that's a little more than rhetoric, and a lot more than comedy.

Now think about the families of the multitudes of victims in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Deep Rooted Aryanism

As for the new breed of "Spartans", who nostalgically long for a day when the streets were clean, the slaves respectful and imperialism unchallenged, the "Richard Lionhearts" and "Charles Martels" of the Information Age...

...let's just say it as it is: They are empowering men like Breivik with their words. They, the "Asa", the pure blood Aryans, fostered the Fenris Wolf and the Worm of Midgaard both and blames it on Loki.

They are behind EDL and all the other New Right extremist groups, just like they sat on the pews and endorsed KKK back in the days and, before that, European fascism.

The West is desperate, and the racist right more than anybody else. They have seen the writing on the wall. They are not going to get the world they wanted, and now they're mad as Hell..

The days of empire are numbered, and the future will provide far less white privilege than today. That is just the fact of the matter. So, tempers are running hot all around. There is murder in the airways. There is going to be blood.

But like God said to Cain, the would-be murderer in the first book of the Bible:
“Why are you angry and your face fallen? If you do well, will you not be accepted?" (Gen. 4:6) 
Is there any of what is now befalling the rich and privileged West that isn't her own doing? Is any of it uncommon to history? Has not every civilization seen its rise, its golden age and its inevitable decline? Is that sufficient reason to be angry?

The verse is followed by this admonishment:
"But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”
It is obvious from the context that the sin lurking at the door is murder. This is why St. Paul of Tarsus wrote, "He who hates his brother is a murderer". Seven times in the Tanakh the Hebrews were instructed not to "oppress the stranger in the land", a sin compared to exploitation of widows and orphans, and one sanctioned by the harshest of measures.

Even if you don't believe in God or even in religion, which is not entirely the same matter, it is obvious from our political and cultural context, that murder "lurks at the door." In fact, murder has knocked down the door, assembled children in the guise of a police uniform, and butchered them with hollow point ammunition.

In comparison Hurricane Irene, the most recent onslaught from Mother Nature, only claimed about 40 victims. Hurricane Anders claimed almost the double. What's next?

The Challenge to Master Unrecognized Racism

The task at hand today for all responsible citizens and officials in the West is to govern according to the very principles of good governance the West has laid out for everybody else. It has been a long fall from a high place. There's a lot of work to be done, and it is easy to give up, to lose heart, to lose courage, or to abandon conscience for the sake of primitive tribal myths.

The fact of the matter is that trends have begun, and patterns are forming, none of which are to the benefit of any man. The promising development in Germany in the 1930s seemed justified and reasonable to many, given the threat from Communism. Nazi Germany could even claim great scientific and artistic and economic accomplishment, and they were lauded by other politicians as an example or order and productivity.

Still, the grandiose mannerisms and the hysteria only led to a devastating world war and the utter destruction of Germany's infrastructure. Collapse lies at the end of hatred, for both perpetrator and victim. A lot of the problems we are facing today, namely the Middle East Conflict, are offsprings of imperialism and of the European born Holocaust.

It's the violence in our midst and in our hearts returning to visit us in a hundred new forms, the sins of the fathers not properly dealt with, and history buried under the spin of politics.

If Europe and America is ready to take another tumble down the road of great fury, so be it. We only die once. Given the conjuncture, the demographics and the economic projections, there is little reason to beg and plead with the Western powers.

However arrogantly they may pose, recovering from the current condition is in their own interest. It is not a question of idealism, but more like a warning, an advice, a call for a drowning man to stop struggling against those who try to save him, and instead begin to save himself.

The numbers are unmistakeable. The question is and will remain: How will you manage your relative decline?

Reconciliation is Now, not Later

Nobody fears more than the one who is guilty. It is a consistent trait that people are never more contemptuous than towards people they have wronged. Behind the fear of the West lies the understanding of a political structure in which others have paid for the progress of Europe, America and Australia.

Such a knowledge automatically triggers fear of a backlash, of revenge, and it serves as an subconscious incitement to maintain oppression. It can, to a large extent, explain why America's interest in Africa only rose when China began investing in Africa in its famous oil-for-infrastructure policy.

China has never invaded or oppressed Africa, Latin America or the Middle East, which is why they can safely expand their development programme and foster amiable political and economic relationships with these regions.

Europe and America have a collective conscience tained by centuries of fierce oppression, and with this lingering in the back of the minds of its citizenry and policy makers, the assymmetric dependency - in spite of and aside for all charity - remains politically expedient: "Beggar thy neighbour", so he does not grow rich and powerful enough to avenge himself.

Notably, however, China has not declared war on United Kingdom for the humiliation and destruction incurred by the Opium Wars. Neither has India demanded compensation. For the developing worlds life is not about their relationship with white Anglo-Saxons, believe it or not. It is not a race for recognition. It is a race for survival, and a struggle to build up durable infrastructure.

A civilized world will be ready to forgive whatever historical grievances they may have endured, even if it may never forget. It will seek to embrace a balanced perspective, also acknowledging the unquestionable contributions to science and philosophy produced by the Occident.

But reconciliation is now, not later. As much as the West should expect anti-Western sentiments to diminish proportional to its investment in real development, the warning remains urgent:

If the privileged West in its panic over loss of supremacy, loss of safety and loss of privileges, chooses to go into a hysterical frenzy, scapegoating others wholesale for troubles that are entirely created by its own policies, the rest of the world will respond in kind, and all progress will be lost.

In that case a gradual reduction may be replaced by a grandiose collapse, the self-fulfilling prophetic doom outlined in myths like the Biblical Apocalypse and the Norse mythology of Ragnarok.

Civilization as we know it, in spite of all alarmism, has not yet fallen. We do see the potential already now. We do see devils lurking in the dark, and all sorts of "hateful birds" crying on the airwaves.

But there is still time. Only if we in the West believe ourselves to be gods, along the lines of the Aryan belief in Valhalla, the Death of the Gods becomes inevitable - our hubris produces the moral justification as well as the fault lines of enmity that empowers forces of destruction.

As the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said:
"If we try to build some kind of Central Asian Valhalla we will fail."
Or, as another Western prophet, Clint Eastwood, once put it:
"A man should know his limitations."


UPF: "Muslims Are Our Fellow Americans"

The Oslo Massacre has, apparently, raised deep contemplation in USA about the future of multi-culturalism. Unity Productions Foundation, a non-profit with some rather significant board and staff members working to promote inter-cultural relations through the mass media, has produced and released this video "in response to the Oslo massacre" to to try to curb what is obviously a growing and increasingly savage divide between the Christian and the Islamic blocks of the world.

UPF asked me to post the video here. Usually I would not post anything that is not analytical and relating to structural changes in the geopolitical currents, but I suppose you can view efforts like these as the next chapter in a specific set of Hegelian dialectics: The Synthesis.

The Masonic/Zionist assimilation propaganda continues to grow on the Internet, with one of the latest examples being this response to the Oslo Killings: Muslims Against Crusades, featuring a Masonic logo. The word on the wire is that it's created by Zionists, not Muslims.


Libya Not an Oil War? Star Wars Syndrome has set in

Short after Obama's statement that there'd be "no boots on the ground" in Libya it was revealed that there were, indeed, boots on the ground. CIA had agents there, training the "rebel forces", and probably funnelling funds and arms into the country. We can safely assume they had agents in the country long before the public reports about an uprising.

It qualifies as a military presence: The largest growth in the US military sector has been in the clandestine units. As I've written before, Libya is a pilot, a proto-type of a new type of remote warfare combining the US Military Academy's doctrine of psychological warfare with extended use of the NATO arm, along with Predator strikes.

The reports of 6,000 killed by Ghadaffi loyalists, the presence of African mercenaries and grotesque Viagra rape incidents are sorely lacking evidence, particularly since increasingly larger parts of the American and British news agencies have been enrolled in or infiltrated by clandestine services since the days of "embedded journalism."

Only if you take at face value claims made by the same media and the same officials and pundits who sold us the Osama bin Laden spectre, the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq, there's reason to put absolute faith in the early reports about Ghadaffi's massacres.

Let's not speak too soon, because the wheels are still in spin. New rports indicate that the narrative around the NATO campaign is so vulnerable, volatile and insincere there's a need to silence dissent with in the ranks of independent journalists in Libya.

Just Another Oil War, and You Got Suckered Again

"This is not another oil war", even progressives rant. How can it be an oil war? Western companies already had access to Libyan oil.

Well, there's an understatement. Just short before the UN resolution Ghadaffi was best friends with the West. Back in the days media report after media report highlighted how Ghadaffi had changed, demolished his WMD programmes, apologized for aiding terrorists and submitted to the ways of the West.

Ghadaffi was being remodelled. In fact, his son Saadi Gadaffi, captain of the Libyan national soccer team, signed a contract with the Italian Peruggia. He was formerly on the board of the Italian team Juventus, of which 7.5 % is owned by a Libyan consortium.

But conveniently, just as the final move to put to rest the dubious saga of Osama bin Laden, Ghadaffi is recast for the role as arch-villain in the fastest humanitarian intervention in the history of UN.

We're back to Lockerbie references, and Ghadaffi who was once an entertaining character with an impressive track record of stabilizing the African nation and securing housing, decent wages and women's rights, is all of a sudden one of the prime evils, a dark Lord of Sith with a poor taste in clothing.

All of his comments are bizarre, and "murderous" is an adjective that must be used even by critics of the NATO campaign, unless you prefer "mad dog."

The problem was not bad ties to the West, or lack of acess to Libyan oil fields, which account for 2 percent  of the world's crude, but has an exemplary rate of production and flexibility.

The problem was a massive Sino-Russian presence limiting that access, but even worse, pressing the Western oil companies and threatening Chinese dominance of the courted African oil reserves.

The gains made by the Russian and Chinese oil companies have been lost in the process, as NATO gets ready to set up shop.

ENI leads the new race for the oil rights. The intervention effectively resets the competition. US and European troops are ready to exploit whatever opportunity they would get to move in.

Bretton Woods Suits Move in: Worse Than Boots

And after the uniforms, as always, follows the suits. Libya, like Egypt, will be offered a substantial package of "loans and grants" to be administered by IMF and her policies will effectively be directed by Western powers.

It's already happening with the frozen capital of Ghadaffi, which will be paid be paid back under certain conditions.

In Egypt, most notably, it took place three days after the opening of the Rafah passage. Loans and grants were generously offered by Western nations, but Rafah was shut down by the transitional military regime after pressure from Washington - Knesset was concerned that it broke the Gaza Strip Siege.

That's how the ball rolls in this game. The first winners are Exxon, BP and Chevron. The losers are China and Russia.

To paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, war is an extention of business. It's not only about full access rather than competition about rights and prices, which strengthens Libyan sovereignty and their ability to negotiate and prosper from oil revenues internally, but also about crude prices in general.

Just like ignorant people said that the marginal oil output of Iraq was not enough to justify suspicions of an oil motive, they're out with the same argument in the case of Libya.

But Libya like Iraq is among the major oil producers, and the resumption of the country's oil production is expected to put downward pressure on crude oil prices. The point of the Western policy towards Libya is to "return" the prices to lower levels than before the conflict, not the same.

That can only be achieved through a relatively controlled destabilization of the Libyan society.

The big question for those with a humanitarian streak is if Libyan sovereignty will benefit from the NATO-rebel coopration. Will the public economy of Libya be allowed to remain stable under the Bretton Woods?

Will women enjoy equal or higher rates of education, employment and emancipation under a new regime?

Will the Western oil companies pay signficiant dividend to Libya as a nation, and will the average Libyan benefit from the oil revenues in the shape of reasonable real wages and secure housing programs?

Movie Programming Exploited in War Propaganda

Knowing the agenda of the neo-liberal West and the history of IMF, the notion is almost laughable. Add to that strong Al Qaeda presence in the rebel forces, and the real threat of a reactionary backlash, and you got an unsustainable situation in which the people of Libya will suffer more.

Libya is the latest example of Blue Screen Politics, the latest chapter in the long and dramatic saga of Middle-Eastern super-villains against the noble Jedi Knights of the West.

The images of Ewoks and Chewbaccas fighting around places with colorful names like Ras Lanuf has wiped out the last remaining critical sense in the mainstream of Western news audiences.

They are suffering Star Wars Syndrome.

Star Wars Syndrome: Buying into political rhetoric and nomenclature designed to trigger subconscious stereotypes and emotions about a conflict embedded through popular movie franchises like Star Wars.
Soon we will soon here regrets from the progressives, and those who backed the operation will conveniently forget that they were the ones drumming up the excitement.

More call-backs on early reports indicating that the massacres were perpetrated by rebel forces directed by CIA, and that people on the street expressing disappointment with the fruits of the "revolution".

When do we see the first "we were better off under Ghadaffi report?" The bookmakers are already opening up for bets.