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UPF: "Muslims Are Our Fellow Americans"

The Oslo Massacre has, apparently, raised deep contemplation in USA about the future of multi-culturalism. Unity Productions Foundation, a non-profit with some rather significant board and staff members working to promote inter-cultural relations through the mass media, has produced and released this video "in response to the Oslo massacre" to to try to curb what is obviously a growing and increasingly savage divide between the Christian and the Islamic blocks of the world.

UPF asked me to post the video here. Usually I would not post anything that is not analytical and relating to structural changes in the geopolitical currents, but I suppose you can view efforts like these as the next chapter in a specific set of Hegelian dialectics: The Synthesis.

The Masonic/Zionist assimilation propaganda continues to grow on the Internet, with one of the latest examples being this response to the Oslo Killings: Muslims Against Crusades, featuring a Masonic logo. The word on the wire is that it's created by Zionists, not Muslims.

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