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Breivik Plans Crusade Involving Nuclear Terrorism, Demands Compulsory Conversion of Muslims

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man arrested for the 22-7 terrorist attack on Oslo and the small island of Otoya, planned a terrorist attack and lays out details for it on the Internet, in a manifesto described by Richard Silverstein as "a latter day Mein Kamf".

The manifesto, titled "2038: A Declaration of European Independence", contains a conservative analysis of Western society as a Marxist construct, decries the destruction of the European culture due to Islamic immigration and outlines a strategy to defend the continent from what is perceived as an invasive force.

The manifesto is, in part, designed as a manual for setting up small, independent terrorist cells. Breivik's trial is meant to serve as a vehicle for distributing the alarmism, a phase he calls the "propaganda phase."

Photo provided by Breivik himself in the manifesto, which is designed as a manual for copycats, instructing them for instance to perceive their arrest as an opportunity for propaganda and make sure their own photos look professional and present them in the best possible light.
The Ripple Effect Has Already Begun

Breivik's goal is to recruit an army of copycats, and posts around the web indicates that there is a belief 100 highly violent soldiers is enough to overthrow a regime, an observation seemingly based on the violence employed by Nazis in the Weimar Republic and Communists in the Russian Revolution.

Neo-nazis are publicly lauding Breivik for his heinous deed. A Facebook page to commemorate the more than 90 dead was hacked and its title changed from 'A minute of silence for the victims of Oslo and Ut√łya' to 'Honor Anders Brehling Breivik, a true hero and role model'.

The Norwegian police seeks to have a closed trial, while Breivik has asked for open doors. It is apparent from Breivik's manifesto that he perceives his massacre as a vehicle for communication, naming the stage immediately after arrest "the propaganda phase" in which he aims to explain himself and his ideological purposes.

A campaign has started on Facebook to prevent the mass murderer from using the court room as a platform for his propaganda, but the rat is out of the bag. "A Declaration of European Independence" is already distributed across the Internet with so far more than 600 Google matches for a targeted search on the title.

The question remains how many sympathizers Breivik has in the European New Right and extreme right environment, how far they are willing to go, and to what level they will be succesful in using "preemptive attacks" to foster a sense of doom and inevitable "cultural clash".

A Script for Nuclear Terrorism

Parts of the manifesto is dedicated to deconstruction of multiculturalism, and other parts explain personal details from Breivik's life and the planning of the terror attack. There are sections encouraging medium level violence against Muslims and "traitors".

But the enormous scope of Breivik's masterplan for "liberation of Europe" is apparent from a chapter 3.58 of his manifesto, titled "Nuclear power plant assault strategy: “Operation Regime Ender”.
Estimated casualty report for “Operation Regime Ender”
• Less than 50 direct deaths
• Less than 1000 future deaths cause by cancer
• Less than 10 000 exposed people.
Breivik recommends a team of three, lead by a so-called "Justitiar Knight" and "1-2 JK operatives". Applying military jargon, likely also influenced by his involvement in online gaming, Breivik explans that this is a suicide mission with no hope of survival for those involved:
Extraction/exit strategy: martyrdom operation, no chance of survival due to massive radiation
The script for a tactical strike on an active nuclear reactor is outlined in extraordinary detail. The effect of such a strike using a "1 x 2-7 ton “barrack buster” WMD" is also calculated:
Financial losses for the multiculturalist regime:
• Resettlement of everyone within the exclusion zone: 30-50 (100) km radius (300K - 2
million people)
• Causing all infrastructure within the exclusion zone: 30-50 (100) km radius to be
abandoned for the next 200 years due to the release of highly radioactive fallout.
• All businesses within the exclusion zone (thousands of small to medium businesses) will be
paralyzed resulting in a massive loss of taxes for the regime
• A large proportion of the 300k – 2 million “internally displaced individuals” (refugees) will
be pacified for a long period resulting in a massive loss of taxes for the regime.
• Continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs
• National stock market will collapse as everyone will panic sell and attempt to salvage their
• Pan-European stock markets will take a severe blow and are likely to crack as the panic
• International stock markets will take a severe blow and are likely to crack as the panic
• The national currency (or Euro) will be significantly weakened as currency investors will sell
their positions and stay out
• Such a blow is likely to cause a chain reaction causing foreign governments to dump
government issued bonds which will further weaken the currency
The costs will be astronomic and in today’s currency amount to as much as 1000-5000
billion Euro which is enough to bankrupt any regime.
Breivik encourages medium level terrorist attacks and targeted assassinations and sensational violent assaults to "destroy the cultural Marxist hegemony in Europe":
There have already been thousands of preemptive strikes from brave Europeans all over Europe. However, the majority of attacks have been impotent “poop in mailbox” operations with zero to little ideological effect. In order to successfully penetrate the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist media censorship we are forced to employ significantly more brutal and breath taking operations which will result in casualties. In order for the attack to gain an influential effect, assassinations and the use of weapons of mass destruction must be embraced. When employing such methods the Justiciar Knight becomes a force multiplier, he becomes a one-man army. The continuation of these “humiliating strikes” on the Multiculturalist system will contribute to destroy the cultural Marxist hegemony in Europe.
It is critically important to understand that as insane as these plans may sound, the general public is not the "you" Breivik uses in special passages of the manifesto. The average citizen is not the audience, and this is not common propaganda. This is a coded message to existing or potential followers, encouraging and instructing them to conduct copycat missions or invent their own tactics. It's a battle speech to "soldiers".

James Joyce famously said that in order to gain everlasting fame an author had to make his work so complicated it would occupy critics for ages. Breivik's manifesto is a viral study object, a Pandora's box full of clues and memes that launch the entire archive of neoconservative and ultra right wing speculations on the Internet, including a list of archaic war heroes to emulate.

Muslims Must be Expelled or Forcefully Converted

Word cloud generated from the 1,516 page manifesto, stressing what words Breivik has used the most.
The Breivik Manifesto, titled "A Declaration of European Independence", also presents an ultimatum to forcefully convert or repatriate Muslims residing in Europe before 2020. Failure to comply will result in the terrorist crusade that culminates with strikes against nuclear power plants.
3.10 Assimilation policy/demands/offer for Muslim individuals living in Europe (this offer will expire on Jan 1st, 2020)
The following assimilation policy is to be accepted by all Muslims who currently live on European soil and want to continue to live in Europe. The deadline is Jan. 1 st, 2020.

Failure to accept and comply with given policies will result in immediate deportation for you and your closest family (individual evaluation is required). The deportations will be effectuated as soon as the current regime(s) have been neutralised and once a cultural conservative government has been formed. Failure to comply within the deadline (2020)
will result in losing the possibility of future re-evaluation.

1. Convert to Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant). 
Every individual is to accept baptism, the ritual act by which one is admitted to membership of the Christian Church, as a member of the particular Church in which the baptism is administered.

Attempt of al-taqiyya (Islamic deceit) for shorter or longer periods in order to try to wait for a regime change will not be tolerated. The convert will celebrate Christian holidays and adopt mainstream Christian customs and has to attend Church at least once a year during the full duration of the assimilation period (50) before he or any member of his family is allowed to follow a purely secular lifestyle. Secular Muslims are considered fully Muslim as long as they have not converted. The reason is because even secular Muslims celebrate Islamic holidays and perform certain Islamic religious or political rituals.

2. Name change
During the required baptism the individual is to be given a Christian/European traditional name (first, middle and last name). No Arab/Asian/Islamic name is allowed (including The 99 Names of Allah).

3. Not allowed to practice your ”mother tongue” or Arabic
It is strictly prohibited to practice the individuals ”mother tongue” - Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Somali etc. in any way – both in writing or vocally (this applies in all areas of society - home and elsewhere). Obviously this does not apply to Muslims living in Europe who are practising a European language (Bosniaks etc.).

4. All mosques and Islamic centers will be demolished or converted
All mosques which were built for the purpose of being a mosque will be demolished. All other buildings which were previously converted will be re-converted to their former use.

5. All Islamic and/or Arab-style or equivalent buildings/artwork will be demolished or modified
All traces of Islamic culture in Europe will be eradicated, even locations considered historical.

6. Attempts to celebrate Islamic holidays, exercise or portray Sharia/Islamic codes/markers is strictly prohibited
An attempt of celebrating Ramadan, Eid or any Islamic holiday is strictly prohibited. This includes all cultural related rituals, dress codes, Islamic religious or cultural circumcisions, Islamic preparation of food, the use of any Muslim flag or identification (crescent moon), religious or cultural markings.

7. Measures taken against attempts of demographic warfare
All “ex-Muslim couples” (where both parents were/are Muslims) will not be allowed to exceed a birth rate of 2. Any breach of this policy will be considered a breach of the assimilation policies.

8. Correspondence with other Muslims abroad is strictly prohibited
All forms of correspondence (electronically, telephonic etc.) with Muslims living abroad is strictly forbidden. This includes contact with Muslim family in the country you originated from.

9. All travel to Muslim countries/territories or to any country where Muslims make out more than 20% of the population is strictly prohibited Length of assimilation period
The assimilation period, with monitoring procedures, will last for a minimum of 2 generations (no shorter than 50 years) before the individual is considered to be successfully assimilated.

Various measures will be used for monitoring individuals who has accepted the assimilation policies to ensure that they are not trying to perform al-taqiyya.

Purpose of assimilation policies
Implementation of the assimilation policies will allow all ex-Muslims to be fully assimilated. This will also allow you to show and prove your allegiance and loyalty to “your new kinsmen”, to Europe and to Christianity. In return, you will be accepted as a European.

Failure to comply with the assimilation policies (offer expires Jan 1st, 2020)
Failure to accept and comply with given policies will result in immediate deportation for you and your closest family (individual evaluation is required). The deportations will be effectuated as soon as the current regime (s) has been neutralised. Failure to comply within the deadline (2020) will result in losing the possibility of future re-evaluation.  Why will individuals lose the possibility of being re-evaluated after the deadline.

Any individual in question must be a credible candidate. Obviously, he won’t be considered as a credible candidate if he or she is under duress (which will be the case in phase 2 and 3, 2030-2090). This is the reason why the offer expires in 2020. A Muslim who accepts the following assimilation policy under duress will most likely perform altaqiyya (religious deceit allowed by the Quran and Hadith) for as long as he has to. As such, any convertion performed after the deadline will be considered al-taqiyya.

Not two months after the declaration of the death of Osama bin Laden, the strength of Europe and America's liberal democracy is about to be put to the test, this time from a terrorist kingpin from within.

Europol has announced a task force to investigate threats from "non-Islamic terror", and no doubt this will take up a significant part of the agenda of intelligence agencies in the years to come.

They are going to find a vast and obscure international network of New Right politicians, American neo-cons, Tea Partiers, Euro-cons, Jewish/Israeli Zionists and Christian Zionists, all loosely associated with a variety of factions of Aryans, Neo-Nazis and Norse paganists.

The structure can best described as "overlapping representations", since being a member of an organization advocating or using violence is anathema to New Right politicians and parliamentarian populists. It is very difficult to discern which Islam critic is legitimately parliamentarian, and who secretly operate with some level of use of more radicalized elements, at least as a future option.

Usually, there is at least one layer between parliamentarians and extremists - a variety of rather secretive "neo-liberal" or "conservative nationalist" or otherwise "Islam critical" organizations.

It is from these ranks Breivik hopes to recruit his army of crusaders to expel Muslims from Europe and end the dream of liberal democracy with enough strength to encourage multiculturalism.

Normally, I would not dream of posting about an isolated shooting or terrorist incident, but the scope of this event is far ranging, considering the sizable animosity on "both sides" and the prevalence of anti-Islamic attitudes in the West.

The ripple effects from the Oslo/Otoya massacre will affect virtually every institution in the world on some level. An immediate effect is a reaffirmation of democratic virtues and, likely, a few voter gains for the political left and more moderate statements from far right politicians and pundits. Over time the problem is that there are enough people who share Breivik's views in a culture increasingly desensitized to violence.

Breivik's massacre and call for a terror campaign against the "soft" and "leftist" West is going to be an issue for at least the next five years, possible the entire decade, depending on how the Western intellectual, journalistic and political establishment responds to the challenge.

Chances of copycat operations are high, even if their scope may be smaller, and the effect they seek more of a long-standing, slow-burning aggregate fear.

Chances of early detection and arrest are poor. Racial profiling is useless, since the group of potential suspects includes the majority of the populations in the affected Western countries and copycats would make sure to make only moderate statements for a long period of time up to their attack. Infiltration is somewhat easier.

A major weakness is that reporters and pundits have already begun talking about Breivik in past tense, when they refer to his agenda. Very few seemed to have grasped the scope of his plan, which is running in accordance with tested principles of communication in the Information Age.

When you take into account he has methodically slaughtered 93, of which many were young people or even children, such a carefully thought out scheme with as significant scope as it displays should give journalists, analysts, police investigators and intelligence workers pause.

Considering his objective is distribution of his plan and recruitment of sympathizers, his arrest does not make much of a difference. Breivik already gives all the signs of a man who is ready to die. My assessment is that his megalomania will compel him to somehow exceed himself, pulling strings from the prison, or even stage a sensational death in order to further distribute his strategies and tactics.

Breivik's blueprint for a vast and dramatic change of the political landscape displays cunning and an eerie understanding of the ideological currents and conflicts of our age. In spite of the apparent mysticism and the rambling, the methods and anticipated effects are reality-adequate enough, and so far everybody's playing along with the piper.

There can be little doubt Breivik is lucid enough to understand the ideological backlash, but also the partisan bickering and the blame-game that serves to further polarize society. Experts warn the press against distributing Breivik's ideology, but fail to understand that his ideology and paranoid views are already distributed by thousands of others. Islamophobia is the norm, not the exception.

The gasoline has been spilling for 20 years, since the first cases of extreme violence against immigrants in the 1990s and the rise of New Right parties in Europe. The current spectacle is Breivik's trigger. He is counting on enough radicalized psychopaths in circulation who shares his ideas - they are his army of the dead (Vlad Dracul seems to be one of the historical characters he emulates).

If it made any difference, I would also comment on how insane he is, and how parts of his manuscript is plagiarized from the UNA-bomber. The point here is to make sure those who are supposed to act against this Aryan menace understand what we are dealing with and take the appropriate steps.

This is not over yet.

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  1. The number of victims has been corrected to 77 since this article was written and published. Also, the number of copies of Breivik's manifesto has exploded way past 600.