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3 Things To Support if You Really Hate America

If you really hate USA and would like to see it go bankrupt, there are three things you  have to promote:
  • Christian Right
  • Racism
  • Small Government
Christian Right Will Destroy All Progress

It is important to promote Christian Right values with all it entails: Prayer in schools, creationism over science, no abortion rights, women's de-emancipation, homophobia, physical punishment of children and so forth.

It happened to the Arab world, once the beacon of civilization with a liberal and hospitable culture that promoted tolerance, multi-culturalism and scientific progress. They experienced a religious revival, and the Islamic hardliners snuffed out reason and progress. Today the median income level in the Middle East ranks only higher than that of the poor regions of Africa.

It happened to Europe too, the cradle of modern democracy and enlightenment ideals. Both the Athenian democracy and the Roman republic died as dictatorship. Christian Rome was unable to hold the empire together, the inevitable collapse threw the continent into what today is known as The Dark Ages. You can count on the Christian Right to do the same for USA.

Racism is a Ticking Bomb

All great civilizations were multi-cultural (for instance, Egypt had black and white living side by side, and its governing institution was called The Double White House), and cultures derive immense benefits from cultural and racial integration. But racism is a ticking bomb under the system with the potential to tear a society apart.

Small Government is Code for Authoritarianism

I hesitantly add Small Government, not because the budget deficit is unimportant, or because Big Government is good, but because it is largely code for Strong Authoritarian Government, Weak Unions, No Social Responsibility and, ultimately, Low Respect for Civil Rights.

It means no oversight over corporations, general acceptance of multinational tax evasion, and many more "bubbles" to ripple out of Wall Street. It means deteriorating conditions for workers and for small independent companies. All wealth sucked up by the 1% that forms the elite, and the rest left in wanton circumstances.

The Second Amendment Issue

I do not add guns, even if rampant gun violence is an immensely disturbing and therefore destabilizing factor. US has written ownership rights into its constitution with the 2nd Amendment. It is practically a part of the American birth myth. Even if I, as a European, perceive it as hazardous, I also have to acknowledge it is extremely difficult to change a constitution, so tactically the Republicans are on the safe side with this. Also, it is not - like the other issues - going to undermine USA.

One More Ultra-Right Wing Govt Means Game Over

Quite frankly, I doubt USA will make it past another ultra-right wing government, as things stand. Projections will have it that China is going to be the leading economic power by 2020-2025. It is already the 2nd largest economy, surpassing Japan this year, and the greatest trade nation, surpassing Germany in 2010.

On top of it, most of Latin America is pinkish, and Hispanics are the fastest growing population group in USA, with "all white" population at a staggering low: 61%. That is just to say what the proponents of White Male Patriachate have to expect from the future, and to explain why they are so desperate. The old tiger goes out with a fury.

BRIC countries are projected to be the four largest economies by 2050, and they have begun forming a rudimentary union or alliance around Goldman-Sach's famous concept.

Military Muscle Without an Economic Engine Won't Last

How long can USA last as muscle power only? I doubt her military superiority will remain intact for a decade, if its economic power wanes. We saw what happened to the Soviet Union upon its fiercely imbalanced budget. No amount of conventional armament or stacking of nuclear bombs could save the regime.

The only way out of the mess is science, education, R&D, innovation and social progress.

The other way - back to the roots, paleo-conservatism ahead of all other values, religious superstition - is not just a dead end in the common meaning of the term, but realistically a road to extinction. In politics, as well as nature, the ones that adapt the best will survive.

2012 may not be the end of the world, but it could mean the end of America as we know it.

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