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America's Next Race War: Descent into Apartheid

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” ~ Alexis de Tocqueville (French Historian and Political scientist. 1805-1859)
"Anybody who knows how economic statistics are produced also knows they are really a subgenre of science fiction" (Paul Krugman, American economist. 1953-)
The war on drug is a part of another gigantic destabilization game played to secure the faltering supremacy of the Anglo-European culture in Europe and America. In reality, it's a new race war. Political correctness benefits the oppressor more than the oppressed.
The American empire is circling the drain in every tighter circles. An impotent White House hipocritically demanded that Beijing accounts for its reasons to acquire an aircraft carrier, calling for "transparency" between the two great nations.

This, in spite of the fact that USA is currently involved in at least 8 neo-colonialist wars and have black ops conducted in about 120 countries around the world.

At home conditions are deteriorating faster than anybody could expect, making USA a de facto Third World nation, even if such a thing is yet to be declared by officialhood.

"America will be number one again", Barack Obama stated in his September 9 2011 Job Speech, acknowledging that USA has fallen behind.

Exactly how bad USA's condition is, however, only very few dare to admit. Even bloggers who list the deterioration of American social infrastructure and other signs of the universal decay of the empire refrain from simply calling what is obvious:

"It's game over."

An almost superstitious belief in Americanism, the so-called fourth great Western religion, mixed with fear of being brought to shame by some miraculous super-stunt by the waning empire, has lead people to be cautious about calling the truth.

The fact of the matter is that there is a deep and incurable crisis, by one trader interviewed by BBC called "a cancer" that will lead the economy to crash very soon.

The fact of the matter is that nobody, nobody, nobody, have a clear or coherent plan for how to fix a system almost everybody can acknowledge is "broken". In other words, the West drives on, full speed ahead and with militaristic vigor, on a broken engine.

Predator Drones and Steven Seagall Patrol Border

Along with historical unemployment numbers, millions of foreclosures and widespread agony, manifesting as Tea Party protests and Occupy Wall Street protests, another ominous trend is forming: America is entering a new and widespread war on the home front, a race war where the so-called "War on Drugs" is just a front or, at best, an aspect.

By 2050 the "white only" population in USA will be a minority. Hispanics will have grown to become the dominant ethnic group, just as Brazil, Russia, India and China (not necessarily in that order) will have become the four largest economies. USA, by then, will be nothing but a heavily armed outlier, the corrupted cop of the world trying to make its influence count by war and by threats of war - as it already is the case.

Losing with dignity is not in the cards. White upper class America, with the help of white middle and working class racists, and some rather notable African-American stooges from President Barack Obama to the would-be GOP candidate, Herman Cain, have launched a full frontal assault on what they perceive now as the greatest threat to (their supremacy in) America: Hispanics.

Full frontal assault is not exactly an exaggeration, no. Predator drones, employed in North Africa and the Middle East to decimate populations under the guise of striking "Al Qaeda" or "militants", are put into action to stem the tide of "illegal immigrants" at North America's southern borders.

Mexico is being destabilized with the inflow of American arms to prop up both sides in the War on Drugs, a widely overlooked scandal referred to as Fast and Furious. Yes, the infamous American State Department delivers weapon to Mexican drug cartels, another row of CIA assets in the grand tradition of Noriega and the current Afghanistan poppy fields.

In a bizarre twist, Hollywood cheese-ball martial artist, Steven Seagall, has been commission to become a deputy sheriff in Hudspeth County, Texas, in order to patrol the border.

If that's not enough, Immigrant detainees report hundreds of cases of sexual abuse while in custody, reflecting an ominous pattern from US occupied zones in the Middle East and Israel.

And the prison-industrial complex in Texas has cut away lunch for inmates, rationing them now to only two meals a day, a sinister way of promoting discontent and violence among the incarcerated.

When Racists Attack in High Speed Chases

The manhunt is not confined to the border. 25% of the US inmates, who by the way constitutes 25% of the world's prison population, are "illegal immigrants", most often of Hispanic descend.

Check-points, similar to those who are used by Israel, are being deployed. Florida state Rep. Alan Hays (R) has called for "Hispanic-speaking voters" to prove legal citizenship.

A restaurant owner in Birmingham, Alabama, received threats for expressing opposition to Alabama's extreme anti-immigration law.

Hollywood is galvanizing white America for a new war at home, launching for instance the steam-punk vampire thriller Priest (2011), where Paul Bettany with a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead hunts vampires in the "reservations" - areas set up, exactly like Native American reservations, to contain the enemy.

There's even a line, where the zealot justifies the policies of the church: "You are a blood-thirsty race".

The America that in recent times boasted the end of slavery and racial segregation - as if the end of heinous and inhuman practices was something to be proud of - and the election of a black American president, now faces a new challenge: An apartheid system growing from the failure to actualize the noble multicultural ideals by which USA has always marketed itself.

Impoverization, Criminalization and Parallel States

The cynics will say it has always been like this for new immigrants, whether Asian, Irish or Italian.

And they are more right than they know: The Hispanic population growth that now threatens Caucasian supremacy in USA is not so much caused by illegal immigration as by natural multiplication. The demographic transition is so distinct it would take a genocide to prevent it, hence the white desperation.

In many ways the general indifference of the ruling class to the deteriorating standards of middle America is caused by a psychological resentment towards "colored" citizens in the upper class, shared by large parts of the white American middle class, even if they may be too polite to express it.

Letting society slide is an indirect way of getting to the "intruders" and preventing them from breeding, albeit admittedly an impractical or even self-destructive one. The OWS protesters, at least, realize that.

As predicted in other articles here, the impoverization of America and the subsequent criminalization of poverty is funnelled into crime with increasingly high "IQ". Joe Biden was recently criticized for threatening increased crime, violent crime and homicide, if the Obama job bill wasn't passed.

That may not be so far fetched, since a new FBI report actually verifies that gangs are increasingly engaging in white collar crime.

In Mexico and other crime-ridden nations in Latin America, for decades and decades the victims of McCarthy-inspired anti-socialist destabilization programmes conducted by CIA, organized crime has turned into de facto parallel states, not unlike the condition in Sicily and Southern Italy, where the mafia originated.

Extremely lethal crime organizations like Zeta and MS13 are terrorizing entire cities with a series of bloodbaths on people who dare to oppose them or even speak out against them online. These gangs are also present in immigrant-hunting USA, where they feed on the lack of trickle-down from "trickle-down economics" and serve to install fear in citizens and provide justification for the man hunt on Hispanics.

In Mexico, however, one drug lord named Jesus Malverde, literally became a saint, as followers who had benefited from his Robin Hood-manerisms erected a shrine for him.

That's the way it goes: Give people no other option but to fight, and they will fight with all means, and with unimaginable ruthlessness. USA put Latin America up against the wall to curb socialism, and in return the entire continent turned socialist to the point, where it today penetrates a defenseless USA.

Because USA is defenseless, caught up in the dynamics of its own imperial oppression as its economy is carved out from within to the point, where even billionaires are clamoring for socialism and taxation of the superrich to accomodate the increasingly frustrated middle America.

The war, the Draconian measures, the civil rights abuses? They are all the death throes of a system that, once again, plunges into racially divisive thinking and scheming, dancing with apartheid as all the colonialist Anglo-European powers have done, until they must eventually give up.

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